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JDC Farms is a third generation family owned and operated farm, located in Santa Rosa, California. We pride ourselves on being good custodians of our land and limiting our farms carbon footprint. We practice ethical treatment of all our animals and create a low stress environment on the farm.
     We transport all of our horses and livestock, local, state, and nationally. When space allows, we offer our transport services to customers
along our route. Our customer’s horses are treated with the same care, as our own. Our Trailers are equipped with on board watering and feeding systems. Our Horses are unloaded nightly and given private free stalls, at horse hotels along the route. All transports are door to door delivery, with daily updates sent to the customer.

     Our custom farming operation is limited to North Western California. We provide field cultivation, land leveling, soil bed preparation, planting; hay harvesting, baling, and pick-up services. Customer
service, satisfaction, and working around Mother Nature’s obstacles are the secret to our custom farming success.

     Our swine operation is a farrow to finish, including 30-40 sows, with 650-800 offspring annually. We have three purebred lines: Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire. In addition to our purebred lines, we also breed exotic and crossbred club pigs. All of our swine are fed a corn based feed, milled by Hunt & Behrens Feed Mill in Petaluma, California.

     We use two organic forms of bedding for our animals: Native Hay, that we harvest ourselves and Wood Chips that are delivered daily by Tree Pro of Santa Rosa. When we replace the bedding material, with fresh, the old material is used as base for our premium compost. This base is hydrated, combined with livestock manure, aerated, and mounded for ninety days. At the end of the ninety day process, we are left with premium organic compost. This compost is used to grow all of our pumpkins and fertilize our hay fields, Eliminating our reliance on petroleum based

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